Biennial Conference 2022 Theme

The theme of Biennial Conference 2022 is:


Deuteronomy 31:6

About the Design

The visual identity for Biennial Conference 2022 was created in part to acknowledge one strong and courageous movement of our times—Black Lives Matter. Shortly after the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, many murals in honor of the movement sprang up around the country. Notably, the following month saw the renaming of a two-block-long pedestrian section of 16th Street in Washington, DC as “Black Lives Matter Plaza” and the city emblazoning the words “Black Lives Matter” in yellow paint on the road surface.

This inspired the creation of many similar murals around the world, notably in New York City, Martinez, CA—which was subsequently vandalized—and Oakland, CA. This caught the attention of San Francisco-based art director Don Lee and copywriter Cody Turk, who sought to preserve these significant typefaces digitally, making them available free of charge.

The theme for this conference aims to make reverent use of the typeface derived from the Washington, DC mural—in acknowledgment of the massive impact the movement has had on the renewed focus on DEIJ initiatives in Episcopal schools.

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 “I had many take-away thoughts that I immediately implemented into the preschool when I returned.”

— Biennial 2018 Attendee

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