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Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 1:30pm EST

Walter Earl Fluker

Featured Speaker

Professor, eminent leader in the field of moral leadership, and author — here’s your chance to dive deeper following Dr. Fluker’s preceding keynote address.

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Now What? Enrollment Strategies in Episcopal Schools for Telling and Sustaining Our Stories.

Episcopal Identity • School Administration

Concerned about sustaining healthy enrollment in your school or improving existing enrollment? Concerned about the long-range prospects on enrollment, as well how to leverage your Episcopal identity in the process? Come to this workshop!

  • Justin Butler, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, Holland Hall School, Tulsa, OK
  • The Rev. Scott E. Erickson Th.D., Head of School, Phillips Brooks School, Menlo Park, CA
  • Beth-Sarah Wright Ph.D., Director of Enrollment Management, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, Atlanta, GA

Chaplaincy in a Time of Dual Pandemics

Diversity & Inclusion • Chapel & Worship

Black Lives Matter and the calling out of systemic racism, along with the many-faceted effects of COVID-19, have challenged Episcopal school chaplains to rethink their role in advancing racial justice as well as how best to support their school communities when we cannot gather all together in person. Chaplains are invited to come together to explore the challenges and opportunities of chaplaincy during this extraordinary school year.

  • The Rev. Sarah Anne Wood, Lead Chaplain, Trinity School, New York City
  • The Rev. Timothy Seamans, Associate Chaplain for Service & Justice, The Episcopal School of Los Angeles

From Diversity to Equity and Inclusion: How School Leaders are Responding

Diversity & Inclusion

The work of equity and inclusion has evolved in our schools from a student-facing role carried out by a committee of part-time faculty and administrators to a recognition that a full-time, senior level administrator is needed, who is focused on a systems approach to authentic equity and inclusion. How have our schools responded to this evolution? Where are schools on this spectrum? Let’s discuss.

  • Lawrence Alexander II, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Carney, Sandoe & Associates

Making Room for Everyone: More Stories for Building a Children’s Chapel

Chapel & Worship • Early Childhood • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION

Our children come from a wide variety of backgrounds. By including folktales from many cultures in chapel we celebrate this diversity; we learn from everywhere. Drawing from his newly published book, Bill will share stories and strategies for insuring a more inclusive chapel. Storytelling as the means of sharing coupled with sing-along refrains makes for a dynamic and engaging chapel experience.

  • William Gordh, Director of Expressive Arts, The Episcopal School in the City of New York

Preventative Law in Episcopal Schools: Best Practices in Minimizing Disruption and Costs

Leadership & Governance • SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION

This workshop teaches school leaders how to minimize liability by creating a preventative legal plan. Independent schools are subject to a wide range of laws. By using strategically written documents and incident protocols, schools can conserve time, effort and resources, so they can focus on what matters most – students, mission and essential operations.

  • Douglas R. Burtch, Burtch Law PLLC
  • David H. Charlton Ed.D., President, Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia