Workshops & FEATURED SPEAKER — Block A
Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 10:30Am

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Panel Discussion

Featured SpeakerS

Following Jon Meacham’s keynote, a panel of school leaders will facilitate a follow-up discussion.

A1 – Creating Change Through Parent Programs

School Life & Culture • School Management

Please join Sam Mason and Chris Bolger in a collaborative dialogue around creating meaningful parent programs. They will share their successes and struggles in developing a sustainability program that has engaged a diverse group of parents. You’ll leave with ways to identify interests in your community and develop opportunities to get involved and create positive change.

A2 – Angels in Action

Episcopal Identity • Service & Service Learning

At St. Matthew’s, we introduce the responsibility and joy of service through simply learning to serve. Building on the theme of this conference, “be strong and courageous” (Deut. 3:16), we encourage our young learners to embrace service through building connections. Join us as we share how we inspire action within our 18-month to Kindergarten students to establish and cultivate lives of service.

A3 – Leadership Formation in a Crucible: Lessons from the Pandemic

School Life & Culture • Leadership & Governance

Change is challenging, but recent upheaval may actually present more opportunities than obstacles. This session focuses on leadership at all levels and lessons-learned about priorities, communication, and team building. Leadership requires strength and courage, but more importantly, the past two years have fundamentally shifted the way leaders can think about managing change.

A4 – Creating a Thriving Culture of Chapel Talks

Chapel & Worship • School Life & Culture

Chapel talks—not quite sermons, not quite speeches—are a core feature of many chapel programs. Creating a thriving culture of chapel talks requires strategy, support, storytelling, and pastoral leadership. Using case studies at four schools, discover how chapel talks can become a hallmark for informing the spiritual character, expectations, and bonds of your community.

A5 – The Chaplain and the DEI Practitioner: An Inclusive Roadmap

Equity & Justice • Chaplaincy

This workshop will examine the relationship between the chaplain and the diversity practitioner. We will share a roadmap of how our offices work together, while also exploring the relationship between Episcopal identity and diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

A6 – Restorative Practices for Educators: How to Get Started

School Life & Culture • Teaching & Curriculum • Equity & Justice

Join us to learn how to implement strategies to build connection and healing in your classroom and school communities. Participants will explore how to support students to manage conflict in healthy ways by taking responsibility for the impact of their actions, repairing the harm, and rebuilding relationships and community in the process.

A7 – How to create your own “Global Faith and Service” Class

Teaching & Curriculum

Global Faith and Service is learning about God and our Episcopal Identity, discovering other faiths and cultures, and celebrating our differences. We celebrate the wonder of every individual. We identify places in the world that need helping and healing, and after learning about them, engage in acts of service. Encompassing faith, culture, diversity, and service, this class is truly special.

A8 – Joyful and Inclusive School Communities Supported with Technology

Episcopal Identity • School Life & Culture

With opportunities in schools to reference our faith and actions as the building blocks for our mission, we use technology more often to create and convey these intentions. By considering strategies for interactions in our schools and radiating our joyful presence beyond campus, we manifest our Episcopal Identity and strengthen opportunities for students, faculty, and staff for success in life.

A9 – Onboarding for Equity: An Associate Headship

Equity & Justice • School Management • Equity & Justice

This workshop will review the journey of building a dynamic leadership role out of the head’s office for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. Julian Bull, Head of School, and Chris Dennis, Associate Head of Community Engagement, reflect on their work in sustaining DEIJ efforts as senior leaders at Campbell Hall in Studio City, CA.