Workshops & FEATURED SPEAKER — Block B
Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 1:45pm

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Bradley Hauff 

Featured Speaker

The Rev. Bradley S. Hauff, DClinPsy is the Episcopal Church Missioner for Indigenous Ministries, a member of the Presiding Bishop’s staff.


Sponsored by the Association of Episcopal Colleges.

B1 – Handling Parents in the Age of Enablement

School Management • Leadership & Governance

Today, parents of independent school students will often challenge their school’s administrative approach to curriculum, conduct, and finances—often vociferously and on social media. This timely workshop will help you establish and communicate expectations to help forge a cooperative, workable parent-school partnership through carefully designed policies, contracts, and other legal documents.

B2 – Courageous Leadership and Challenging Conversations

School Management • Leadership & Governance

This presentation utilizes the work of Dr. Brené Brown to teach the connection between vulnerability and courage and the framework, container-building. To “be strong and courageous,” we need to see how vulnerability influences our thoughts and actions and learn how to name what support and boundaries we need, clarify roles & responsibilities, and bravely articulate what feels risky and uncertain.

B3 – Dashboards: Visualizing Data to Create Change

School Management

Often in schools we make decisions based on gut instinct and anecdotal information. While we don’t want to get trapped by numbers, we do want to be informed. We have been visualizing our data using dashboards for 3 years. Find out how we visualize data across all leadership levels and use it to evaluate change. We will review the process from ethnographic research to finished dashboards.

B4 – Changed for Good: Pandemic Lessons and Fresh Ideas for Chapel

Chapel & Worship

A panel of chaplains representing a variety of schools across the country will share their experiences of leading chapel through the pandemic, what they learned, and how their chapel programs have changed “for good” since. We will consider ways to embrace pandemic lessons and think creatively about school worship, all while exchanging fresh, practical ideas, and helpful resources for chapel.

B5 – Implementing a Cathedral Model for Chaplaincy

Episcopal Identity • Chapel & Worship

School chaplaincy is often focused through the lens of a “seminary” model of spiritual formation, instead of a more inclusive, “cathedral” model of spiritual exploration. This presentation will review the qualities and characteristics of a cathedral model of chaplaincy, and engage participants in application to their own school ministry. Specific elements and examples of this model will be shared.

B6 – Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Into Your Investment Portfolio

School Management • Equity & Justice

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a broad-ranging concept covering dimensions of race, ethnicity, orientation, gender, and more. Many investors consider DEI alongside other environmental and social factors within their portfolios. Investors looking to advance DEI may consider a spectrum of approaches that fall under the three pillars of our “Investing with Impact” framework.

B7 – The Heart and Soul of SEL

School Life & Culture • Teaching & Curriculum

When educators equip students with social and emotional skills, we are preparing them to have successful outcomes in life. This workshop will examine the importance of developing social-emotional skills, the barriers that prevent students from learning social-emotional skills, and will equip teachers with practical tools to utilize and infuse SEL in daily instruction and curriculum.

B8 – Using an Orientation on Episcopal Identity to Foster Community

Episcopal Identity • School Life & Culture • School Management

Use an orientation on Episcopal Identity for new faculty as a tool to build community and connection. Build on the strengths of your school to help newcomers feel a sense of belonging. By demonstrating a commitment to hospitality, you will enable newcomers to become well versed in your school’s mission and thus encouraged to participate fully in the life of your school community.

B9 – Maintaining School Momentum and Accountability during a Head of School Search

School Management • Leadership & Governance

Head of School searches today should be thoughtfully and strategically advanced with the utmost of precision, planning, action, and knowledge. Head of School search details matter and in this presentation, a talented an experienced group of leaders at St. George Episcopal School, San Antonio share their expertise, practices, and experiences for their interim and permanent head of school searches.