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Friday, November 6, 2020 at 2:30pm EST

Kristin Smith

Featured Speaker

An expert in school law and member of her firm’s COVID-19 taskforce, focusing exclusively on independent and private schools.

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Join the Rev. David “Kahu” Jackson and the Rev. Kristen Farrington for a conversation about fostering respectful conversations and responses following the Presidential Election.

The Rev. Kristen J. Farrington
Assistant Chaplain & Teacher of Religion
St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School, Alexandria, VA

The Rev. David Jackson (Kahu Kawika)
Rector and Head of School
All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Kapa’a, HI


Case Convenings — Exploration of Race for Faculty and Staff

Diversity & Inclusion • SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION

Learn about one school’s unprecedented approach to race, which comprised a 2-year deep dive of self-reflection & peer learning by adults, with schoolwide participation including head & administrators. In this approach, colleagues write first-person narratives involving race and group members identify questions, which is followed by structured conversation to facilitate mutual learning. This workshop will share the model, process, & journey.

  • Samantha Fletcher, Kindergarten Teacher & Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, Washington, DC
  • Rhia Hamilton Ed.D., Director of Auxiliary Programs, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, Washington, DC

Heads of Color in Episcopal Schools: What Do We Know Now, What Does the Future Look Like?

Diversity & Inclusion • SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION

Luis Ottley, Khadija Fredericks, and Dan Heischman share the results of the NAES-sponsored Heads of Color project, and reflect both on the current experience of heads of color in Episcopal Schools, as well as the prospects for future leaders of color.

  • Luis A. Ottley Ed.D., Head of School, St. Martin’s Episcopal School, Atlanta, GA
  • Khadija Addel Fredericks, Head of School, Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School, Saratoga, CA
  • The Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, D.D., Executive Director, National Association of Episcopal Schools

Rector-Head Relationships in Parish Day Schools

Church-School Relations • LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE

With mounting external pressures on both parishes and schools, the working relationship between the head of school and rector in a parish with a day school has never been more critical. We will explore practical tools and tips for initiating and sustaining this key relationship, particularly in times of change and transition.

  • Stacey Irvin, Head of School, Saint James’ Episcopal School, Warrenton, VA
  • The Rev. Benjamin W. Maas, Rector, Saint James’ Episcopal Church, Warrenton, VA
  • Margaret Reilly, Director, Trinity Parish Nursery School, Southport, CT
  • The Rev. Margaret S. R. Hodgkins, Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church, Southport, CT

Your Board’s Role in a Successful Capital Campaign


Funding a school’s vision may require a Capital Campaign. Trustees must lead the way. Yet what does that actually mean? What are their specific roles and responsibilities? Learn from an experienced campaigner who has served both as a trustee and a professional fundraiser. Understand the next steps needed to be to ensure your success.

  • Herbert P. Soles, Consultant, Independent School Management