Workshops & FEATURED SPEAKER — Block E
Friday, November 11, 2022 at 10:30Am

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Mark Jefferson

Featured Speaker

The Rev. Mark Jefferson, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Homiletics at Virginia Theological Seminary. His areas of research include homiletics and black church studies.


Leadership & Governance

Annual giving at most independent schools centers on the uninspiring case of bridging the gap between tuition revenue and the actual cost of educating our students. This workshop looks at new ways to think about making the case for giving, one that inspires the hearts of our donors to support our students.

E2 – “Peekaboo” with God is More than a Game: How Anyone Can Lead a Joyful and Impactful Preschool Chapel Program

Chapel & Worship

Every preschool chapel is an opportunity to impact a child’s spiritual life. Children are hardwired for connection and the first five years are crucial in this process. Preschool chapel can help children develop a vibrant lifelong connection with God. Like “peekaboo,” effective chapels include connection and play, while teaching the permanence of God even when one can’t always ‘see’ God.

E3 – Heads of Color in Episcopal Schools: What Do We Know Now, What Does the Future Look Like?

Episcopal Identity • Equity & Justice • Leadership & Governance

NAES sponsored a project led by two school heads to research why the number of heads of color is proportionally low in our association. They, alongside a former director of NAES, interviewed heads of color from around the country. Through these interviews, they identified some key trends that contribute to the development of future leaders and greater sustainability for current heads of color.

E4 – Jesus is the Vine, We are the Branches

Episcopal Identity

A core value in Episcopal schools is developing healthy relationships. The Schools of the Diocese of Southeast Florida virtually meet monthly. This building of relationships enriches our communities through professional development workshops with our sister schools. We are able to brainstorm solutions and share ideas. Our support of one another is invaluable.

E5 – Chapel Bytes and Other Pandemic-Inspired Innovations

Episcopal Identity • Chapel & Worship • School Life & Culture

The COVID-19 pandemic inspired many to adapt and implement new teaching, gathering, and worship practices. Learn how Shattuck-St. Mary’s School (Faribault, MN) developed new ways of building community and spirituality through audio-video editing and streaming technology. We hope you will share your innovations and accomplishments as well!

E6 – Teaching Enslavement for Empowerment and Empathy

Equity & Justice • School Life & Culture

Modeling multimodal teaching practices, this workshop equips equity practitioners and division heads with resources that support teachers in engaging America’s history of enslavement—as both a content area and opportunity for social-emotional learning—by providing a methodological framework for teaching slavery that centers on the agency of the enslaved.

E7 – Providing K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Episcopal Schools

Equity & Justice • Teaching & Curriculum

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) can embody, in many ways, an Episcopal approach to education. Integrating topics as diverse as biology, body care, communication, identity, religious beliefs, and more, all while staying up to date on language, social media, and other cultural movements, for 5 year olds to 18 year olds is a tall order!

E8 – Make Character Development a Priority

Episcopal Identity • School Life & Culture • Teaching & Curriculum

This session will demonstrate a variety of strategies St. Paul’s uses to instill and foster character development in the students. Attendees will be exposed to the concept of making character development a priority of the same importance as academic achievement.

E9 – Progress in the Midst

Equity & Justice

This workshop will explore how we continued and grew a student/faculty lead organization in the midst of the changes, demands, and fears that we were seeing at our school. Topics to be covered include getting the right student/faculty leaders on board, programs and partnerships, creating excitement around the program, and problems/challenges encountered.