Workshops & FEATURED SPEAKER — Block F
Friday, November 11, 2022 at 1:30pM

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Ron Kim

Featured Speaker

Ron Kim is Head of School at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, CA. Ron has a wealth of experience in school leadership, student-centered pedagogy and inclusive education principles.


Stephanie Rogen

Featured Speaker

Stephanie Rogen is a consultant, coach, and facilitator who works with a diverse range of nationally recognized schools and not-for-profits ranging from Columbia University to The White House Project and Northwell Health.


Equity & Justice

How often have we stood on the sidelines of games and heard our students say things we absolutely haven’t taught them to say? Aren’t we usually left asking ourselves, “Where did they learn that?” In this session, examine what practices, traditions, and embedded language may actually be teaching students to be unkind, despite our overt efforts to guide them to be just, compassionate, and caring.

F2 – How Innovative Episcopal Schools are Navigating Social Media, SEL, and Current Events

School Life & Culture • Teaching & Curriculum

Now, more than ever, students’ social-emotional health is shaped by their social world, including social media and technology. Bring your device to this interactive session that explores the ways innovative schools are creating community and supporting the social-emotional health of students, faculty, and families.

F3 – TBD

Workshop information coming soon

F4 – Via Media: Leading From the Middle

Equity & Justice • School Life & Culture • Leadership & Governance

Leadership is greatly impacted by the false dichotomies and ad hominem attacks popular in our current cultural landscape. We will discuss the sometimes-necessary sacrifice of personal peace to be peacemakers in an Episcopal day school. We will share our experiences and struggles to live in our values of respect and inclusion as we meet our educational and religious commitment to our community. 

F5 – Interreligious Hospitality: A Chapel Paradigm for Episcopal High Schools

Episcopal Identity • Chapel & Worship • Equity & Justice

Episcopal schools claim to value and honor the many faiths of our students. But do we really live it? If the only worship our students ever experience is Christian, are we really honoring the diversity in our midst? In this workshop I will share the story of an inter-religious worship experiment at Kent School, and how this experience changed the students’ perspective on chapel and the community.

F6 – Starting a DEIJ Program

Equity & Justice

Is your school in the process of creating a DEIJ program and you do not know where to begin? Designed as a roundtable forum where we can explore ideas, resources, and strategies, this workshop will create a dialogue where we can share and embrace the wisdom of educators, administrators, and DEIJ coordinators who have walked this path before us.

F7 – Make Religious Studies Appealing

Study of Religion • Teaching & Curriculum

How do you make Religious Studies appealing when it’s a mandatory class? Religious Studies can often appear to be bland and antiquated, but it doesn’t need to be. This workshop will present some fun possibilities to get your students involved in the curriculum. It will also help you think outside the box and showcase your school’s ability to collaborate with Religious Studies.

F8 – Using Episcopal Identity as a Guide to Launch Affinity Groups: Lessons Learned from a K-8 Campus

Episcopal Identity • Equity & Justice

Our Episcopal identity calls us to build a beloved community that promotes justice, peace, and love. In this presentation we will share ways that educators might explore affinity groups on their campuses. We will share experiences involving a range of community members—including faculty, students, families, school leadership, and trustees—and gaining essential support and trust from these groups.

F9 – Admissions Data 101: Learn the Stats and Metrics you Need to Meet Your Goals

School Management

If setting your enrollment goals is kind of like rolling the dice, this session is for you! Learn what key data you need to track to take the mystery out of your projections. Learn what you need to start tracking and how you can use that data to project activity. Finally, have a great answer the next time someone asks “How does this compare to last year?”