Code of Conduct

The National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) is committed to fostering an open and welcoming learning environment for all conference attendees, in which—in the words of the Book of Common Prayer—we respect the dignity of every human being, regardless of race, sexuality, gender identity, age, family status, disability, religious affiliation, political beliefs, or other distinguishing characteristics.

To that end, all participants in Biennial Conference 2022—including members, nonmembers, staff, presenters, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, or any other attendees or registrants—will be guided by the terms of this code of conduct.

Expected Behaviors

  • Treat all fellow attendees with respect and dignity.
  • Respect the viewpoints of those with whom you may disagree.
  • Attend and engage constructively with peer-led workshops.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and alert NAES or hotel staff if you encounter a dangerous or concerning situation, or another event attendee appears to be in distress.
  • Follow all applicable COVID-19 policies.
  • Conference name badges must be worn at all times during conference events.
  • If you experience anyone not following these guidelines, please alert NAES staff.

Prohibited Behaviors

  • Harassment of any sort, especially on the basis of race, color, national, ethnic origin, sexuality, gender identity, age, disability, or religious affiliation.
  • Recording of any workshops, presentations, speakers, or any other conference events, without the prior explicit permission of all those being recorded (including audio and video).
  • Taking pictures of conference attendees without prior permission, and/or sharing photos of attendees on social media without consent.
  • Lewd, derogatory, or otherwise offensive speech or non-verbal conduct.
  • Threatening, disruptive, or offensive behavior of any kind.
  • Intentionally disruptive behavior during conference events, including workshops.
  • Intentionally damaging or destroying personal property or property of the event facility.
  • Brandishing of a weapon of any kind.
  • Falsely reporting violations of these guidelines.
  • Retaliating against someone else for reporting violations of these guidelines.
  • Only those organizations attending Biennial as a conference sponsor or exhibitor are authorized to promote their products or services. Unauthorized vendor solicitations of any kind are strictly prohibited.


To report a violation or potential violation of these guidelines, please contact a member of the NAES staff on-site, or email


Violators of these guidelines will be expected to cease the violating behavior immediately. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the cancellation of the violating party’s conference registration and/or ejection from the conference, potentially including any and all other attendees connected to that group registration, to that organization, or by any other means of affiliation. NAES reserves the right to take any and all action deemed necessary and appropriate to maintain a safe and respectful atmosphere for other conference attendees, including, for instance, ejection from the conference without refund, notification of attendee’s school or employer, and prohibition from attending future NAES conferences and events. Persons found to have exhibited similar behaviors at past NAES conferences—or at the conferences of any related or affiliated institutions—may be barred in advance from registering for NAES Biennial Conference 2022 and any future NAES events, and/or face cancellation without refund of any existing event registrations.

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