Media Policy

Media are permitted to attend Biennial Conference only with the prior authorization of the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES). Below are additional policies that must be adhered to in order to attend as media.

Who is eligible to attend NAES Biennial Conference?

Only representatives with a verified identification and affiliation to recognized print or broadcast media are permitted to attend Biennial Conference. Business cards or membership cards to a professional organization are not sufficient to establish identification or eligibility to attend Biennial Conference.

Freelance writers must also submit a letter of assignment from the media outlet they are representing. Unassigned freelance writers may not attend Biennial Conference.

Access to Biennial Conference is only given to working media representatives who can demonstrate that their attendance will result in meaningful coverage of the meeting or event in print, broadcast, or Internet media. Priority is given to representatives from media affiliated with The Episcopal Church.

Media credentials must be checked and approved at least one week prior to Biennial Conference.

Are photography, filming, or recording permitted?

Photography, filming, or recording of any kind at Biennial Conference is forbidden, except with prior, explicit permission from NAES representatives. All filming or recording must take place in the presence of NAES staff. Film crews are not permitted.

Are live broadcasts/streaming permitted?

No live streaming or broadcasting of NAES events is permitted, except by NAES staff.

Can sponsors and exhibitors hold their own press events?

Sponsors and exhibitors may not hold their own press events, except with the prior authorization from NAES, and providing all attendees of the media event are also registered for Biennial Conference at the appropriate rate.

Additional considerations

  • NAES reserves the right to limit media access to any and all NAES events.
  • NAES reserves the right to inspect the credentials of anyone registering as media.
  • NAES program content may not be recorded or streamed in any manner, except by NAES.
  • NAES reserves the right to limit the number of registrations issued to a single media organization.

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